Released: 2014
# 01
Locust swarm -:-
# 02
Halls and chambers -:-
# 03
Black moon rising -:-
# 04
Scoundrel and the squire -:-
# 05
Wasteland -:-
# 06
In ruins -:-
# 07
At the jester's ball -:-
# 08
There's a crow on the barrow -:-
# 09
Dawning of a sombre age -:-
# 10
Age of runes -:-
# 11
The priory -:-


Released: 2011
# 01
Svarta änkan -:-
# 02
Dimmornas drottning -:-
# 03
Griftefrid -:-
# 04
O, tysta ensamhet -:-
# 05
Vid rosornas grav -:-
# 06
Grimborg -:-
# 07
Herr Peder och hans syster -:-
# 08
Eklundapolskan -:-
# 09
Grimasch om morgonen -:-
# 10
Fru Silfver -:-
# 11
Gammal fäbodpsalm -:-

Released: 2008
# 01
Field of sorrow -:-
# 02
Man of the hour -:-
# 03
A beggar hero -:-
# 04
Vargaskall -:-
# 05
Carnival of disgust -:-
# 06
Mountain men -:-
# 07
Viddernas man -:-
# 08
Pale light of silver moon -:-
# 09
Boiling led -:-
# 10
Dark Ages (Ecolbook-bonus) -:-
# 11
Skula, skorpa, skalk -:-
# 12 Dreams and pyres -:-
# 13 Vi sålde våra hemman (Ecol-bonus) -:-
+ Carnival of disgust - Video

Released: 2006
# 01
Northwind -:-
# 02
Waltz with the dead -:-
# 03
Spirit of the hawk -:-
# 04
Legend and the lore -:-
# 05
Catch the shadows -:-
# 06
Tower of the queen -:-
# 07
Long gone by -:-
# 08
Perjury and sanctity -:-
# 09
Fairyland fanfare -:-
# 10
Himmel så trind -:-
# 11
Blinded -:-
# 12 Delusion -:-
# 13 Home of the knave -:-
# 14 Black tarn -:-
# 15 Kristallen den fina (digi-bonus) -:-
# 16 Ridom, ridom (digi-bonus) -:-
# 17 Liten Vätte (digi-bonus) -:-
# 18 Vårvindar friska (digi-bonus -:-
# -- Child of the Wild '06 (Japan-bonus) -:-

Released: 2005
# 01
Emotional Skies 5:13
# 02
Purgatory Time 4:46
# 03
I Refuse 4:36
# 04
Humanity Overdose 6:19
# 05
The Assailant 3:44
# 06
Power 6:07
# 07
No Tears for Strangers 5:49
# 08
The Return 5:09
# 09
Jack the Knife 4:23
# 10
Child of the Wild 6:54
# --
Wake Up (Digipack-bonus)
# --
Rock 'n' Roll Devil (Japan-Bonus)

Released: 2003
# 01
The Coronation
# 02
The Trail of Flames 5:23
# 03
Under the Sword 3:46
# 04
Night of Infamy 6:02
# 05
Hooves Over Northland 4:08
# 06
Pledge for Freedom 3:51
# 07
Ravenhair 5:04
# 08
The Sceptre of Deception 8:00
# 09
Hear me Pray 4:21
# 10
Child of Innocence 0:55
# --
The Gate (bonus) -:-

Released: 2002
# 01
Decadence of Dignity 4:22
# 02
Enter the Glade 3:48
# 03
Lament of a Minstrel 4:13
# 04
For Life and Liberty 6:23
# 05
We Sold our Homesteads 4:10
# 06
The Clarion Call 5:47
# 07
Portals of Light 4:07
# 08
Stand in Veneration 3:33
# 09
Busted to the Floor 4:17
# --
En Kungens Man (bonus) 3:58

Released: 2001
# 01
Upon the Grave of Guilt 4:57
# 02
Herasy in Disguise 4:19
# 03
Wings of Serenity 5:00
# 04
A Quest for the Crown 4:14
# 05
Mindtraveller 5:45
# 06-
Entering Eternity 5:14
# 07
Royal Galley 4:16
# 08
Substitutional World 7:42
# 09
Lord of the Blacksmiths 4:43
# 10
The Past Still Lives On 4:34
# --
Per Tyrssons Döttrar i Vänge (bonus) 4:51

Lyrics - Among beggars and thieves:

Field of sorrow
Music: Weinerhall
Lyrics: Weinerhall

The memory lingers on
of the arrival of dawn.
They saw the beacon aflame,
burning with sorrow for the lives that would be lost.
And the troops went ashore,
sounds of drums filled the air.
Towards the city they marched.

Called all the young ones, called the old.
Summoned the people to stand up and be bold.

Fight a superior force
for high society.
Sheltered behind the walls,
holding the riches that forever could be lost.
Outside the city gates
the peasant army fights on
towards their imminent doom.

Cross the field of sorrow
children’s souls still cry
as an echo from the blackened day.
Cross the field of sorrow
there are whispers and sighs
from burning anguish of dismay.

From the protection of walls
beheld the blood stained plains
reeking of sacrifice’s shame.
Children and cripples of the battle that was lost.
Trembling hands open the gates
for the extortion of fire,
as they had nowhere to hide.

-Fill up the barrels and chests with all your gold.
Build me a throne to rest upon.
Fear not the fate of the fallen,
hear not the cries of the crows.

And so they sailed off with the gold.

In the midst of the sea
they were caught by a storm.
Both booty and crew’s lying deep.

Man of the hour
Music: Weinerhall
Lyrics: Weinerhall

Heading into the battle
against inferior foe.
Early morning’s sea lies so silent and clear.
Let them feel a broadside
from our three decker of pride.
Let the enemy fleet shatter for the wind.

The man of the hour
in a challenging game,
he rose to power
by his family name.
The man of the hour
in the lion’s den,
wielding his power
while dooming his men.

With gun ports open
and without striking sail
he turned the ship around to chase the Danes away.
The wind made the ship heel
causing panic aboard.
Cannons, men and cargo they all broke astray.

Lower decks were flooded,
chaos and agony.
The morning air was filled with an aria of cries.
Crewmen jumped the rail now
choosing ice before the fire.
Down from powder deck they saw the smoke arise.

Danes in confusion
surprisingly greet
the self termination
of the Swedish fleet.
Without firing a round
on the stronger foe
they’re victory bound
as “The Crown” went below.

A beggar hero
Music: Weinerhall / Hedlund
Lyrics: Weinerhall

Paved was his road with the golden bricks
to the glory and to the fame.
Yesterday’s hero sits quiet and low.

Music: Weinerhall
Lyrics: Weinerhall

Genom vättars djupa skogar
över myrars fridfulla ensamhet
bränner fruktans flamma fram.
Genom månbelysta dälder
över bergets rygg mott ett okänt mål
jagad ulv nu skyndar fram.

Kavlen går i socknarna
nu blir det vargaskall.
Greppa spjut och fatta mod
i drev mot ulvens fall.

Gryningstimma, tung utav hat.
Ringa in och rota ut.
Folkets fasa skall ej mera stryka fram
genom äng, genom myr och skog
i människoland.

In i mörkret trygghet sluter
sina skygga barn utav enslig kull
ifrån jaktens gälla larm.
Vitt revir nu sakta tynar.
Utav människans hand uti vildmarksland
sveper ödets svarta arm.

Kämpa tappert, kämpa idogt.
Känn nu eldens glöd i ditt vildmarksblod,
visa drevet ulvars mod.

Skymningstimma, tung utav blod.
Ringat in och rotat ut.
Ulvars fasa skall för alltid stryka fram
genom äng, genom myr och skog
i vargaland.

Carnival of disgust
Music: Weinerhall
Lyrics: Weinerhall

Behind the veil of destiny
the path might turn in sudden twists of irony.
Night turns to day, dark turns to light.
End to beginning on the other side of right.

Wielder of steel, tier of ropes.
The hooded slayer without shame and without hope.
Sentenced to death but slipped away
to live the role of a hangman at display.

Come see the play of wicked irony.
Join the crowd of hunger
for the joy of the carnival of disgust.

Lonely he walks, outcast of shame.
Fearful and spat on yet respected for his name.
Marked by the blade to be known by sight
as a walking dead man for a crime pitch black as night.

Mountain men
Music: Weinerhall
Lyrics: Weinerhall

Taxes raised by the union king,
a blockade in his back for the days of the wars.
-No importation and no exportation is making the nation bleed.
Yet the bailiffs demand their gold,
the uprising is growing for every day.
-The threatening, the torture, the killing of men
is a plague that must now come to end, once and for all.

Mountain men
hear the call now!
Fight tyranny’s cold hand.
Mountain men
from the harsh land!
Cast of your chains and the burning shackles.

Fortresses they took one by one,
with success came support from the highborn class.
-We grant you aid to dethrone our king for financial prosperity.
The crown forced to negotiate,
so they called for a council of all four Estates.
-Now we elect you Captain of the realm,
so pull back your forces and return home.

Old and worn, to be forgotten.
Misled to the shade of stage
but with a plan, he will return.

Halfway to the council of the realm,
ambushed by rivals in disguise he met his demise.
By the blade of greed he fell down.

Mountain men
heard the call and
fought tyranny’s cold hand.
Mountain men
from the harsh land
cast of their chains and the burning shackles.

The king was dethroned and fled head over heels
and he ended his life in disgrace,
in piracy.

Viddernas man
Music: Weinerhall
Lyrics: Weinerhall

Fjärran kyrka ljuder dovt
ut över vida slätter
där en ensam vandrare går.
Varken välbärgad eller dräng
friheten är hans broder,
skogens famn hans tryggaste säng.

Under tung och gråmulen sky
vandrar tiggaren så rastlöst fram.
Vandra på, du viddernas man
mot nya äventyr.

Väders makters härjad hy
vittnar om livets prövning
och ett hjärta av renaste guld.
För hans gåvor som skogen gav
får han mat och nya hosor
innan vägen så kallar igen.

Pale light of silver moon
Music: Weinerhall / Hedlund
Lyrics: Weinerhall

Dweller of the sombre lanes,
crow of the gutter and grime.
Striving through the dark for gain,
up to the gallows you climb.
Through your most stagnant life
the rusty blade leads the way.
Rags and a muddy cloak
is but your sole array.

Among the hawking beggars,
among the thieves.

Pale light of silver moon
cast your light upon wicked plans.
To anthems of virtuous’ ruin
the villain and sinner, they dance.

Hailing from penury’s womb,
sprung from the bower of sin.
Where fate held nothing but gloom
and future wore a taunting grin.
Find the scavenger’s demise
by the trail of poverty.
Look for the vulture eyes
on the fair of misery.

Boiling led
Music: Weinerhall
Lyrics: Blad

Early morning
It’s cold and the snow is whirling
Like a warning, a promising fate
But the king rests in peace on his sled
Hooves are pounding
So many thoughts in his head
All around him
What if he knows
He will never again go to bed

Find him
Run for your life
only promise you’ll find him
Throw him in boiling led

Nail down the traitor
Cross over the ice
Though the wind blows and the hate grows
Your thoughts will suffice

On the runner
Steering the sled and the mare
The assassin, full of suspense
With the king resting under the hide
Like a gunner
Hiding the axe in his coat
Our dunner, planning the deed
And he knows he must follow his guide

One hit,
One slash, one single blow.
The king,
The pain, the blood, the snow.

Hooves are pounding
So many thoughts in their heads
Out to find him, sure to succeed
For their king and their leader is dead.

Dark ages
Music: Weinerhall
Lyrics: Weinerhall

Years of famine and years of sigh
reaps our land that fell from crest.
Creatures, serfs and men hanged high
yet no remedy .

What will ever please our gods?
Gather the chiefs and sages.
What will save the tomorrow
from these dark ages.

Slay and sacrifice our king,
coat the statues with noble blood.
Intensify the holy smoke
with a royal lamb.

Now neither your braves, your wise nor gold
so far renowned
will be of aid now as the doomsday call.
Now you must rise up to show the steel
courage of your heart,
and soon you’ll raise your horn in Valhalla’s hall.

Skula, skorpa, skalk
Music: Weinerhall / Hedlund
Lyrics: Weinerhall

En man han tjänt Herr Lagers gård
i sommar, vinter år för år.
Säg mej, vem sörjer nu för dej?

För slit och släp under himmel grå
han blott sitt bröd som löning får.
Säg mej, vem sörjer nu för dej?

Så kommer hastigt budet in:
-Vår herre lägrar dotra din!
Säg mej, vem sörjer nu för dej?

Och trälen nu genom dörren steg,
han lämna plogen vid åakerns teg.
Säg mej, vem sörjer nu för dej?

-Herr Lager hör nu mina ord,
min doter till din hora gjord.
Säg mej, vem lyssnar nu till dej?

Och Lager sa i vredesmod:
-Du värnar ej om ditt trälablod.
Säg mej, vem lyssnar nu till dej?

Varken öl eller vin dej ämnat,
ej heller ägorätt
dock skula skorpa, skalk.

Träl visste ej ett ord utav
förrns strupen hans var skuren av.
Säg mej, vem skulle värna om dej?

-Det här är nog för bot idag
och dotra tar jag vid behag.
Säg mej, vem skulle värna om dej?

-Kom jag ska visa dej min rätt
att trösta dej på valfritt sätt.
Säg mej, vem sörjer nu för dej?

”O tack!” han sa med gråtmild röst
och stötte kniven uti hans bröst.
-Säg mej, vem sörjer nu för dej?

Dreams and pyres
Music: Weinerhall
Lyrics: Weinerhall

It’s the darkened years,
superstition’s flying high.
There is pain, there is fear
in the poverty’s sigh.
Preachers on a frightening spree,
of demons and hell’s fire.
Warnings of the devil’s decree
in all sinful desires.

A boy have just arrived,
an orphan he’s become
from adultery and incest and witchery.
To the seething alleys
of quarrels and discord,
a storm cloud has finally gathered.

Discussions long into the night,
about the dark one’s diabolical scheme.
Children they listen and they dream
well-fed nightmares of a similar theme.

Imaginations out of control.
For each morning they tell more and more.
–Summon the new boy for a watch
He have seen the signs of evil before.

-There is the devil’s bride,
rode on the goat astride.
God save us from Satan’s firm hand!
There is the torture witch,
poked us with glowing sticks.
God save us from Satan’s allies!

–In the name of our Lord I’m harmless.
-Confess your sins to our Christ!
-I can’t confess to what children dream.
Prejudiced tongues has twisted their minds before your eyes.
-Silence, you whore of the dark one,
save your soul and repent what you’ve done!

Accuse the poor
and get a tap on the head.
–You truly are a blessed child,
she will burn in iron upon the stake.
Accuse the countess
and get a slap in the face.
–You aught to know a noble’s rang,
she’s too venerable for you poor fool.

-Speed up the pace.
Chanting the praise
ever higher.
Hysteric ball:
-Sentence them all
to the fire!

One day the boy confessed his lies.
–I know nothing about the witches’ ways.
One after one they all came forth.
–Rather informers than burn at the end of the day.

-There is the wicked tongue,
from indolence it sprung.
God save us from sinister minds!
There is the fiendish flock,
all limbs are chained and locked.
God save us from sinister minds!

There is the serpent’s fang,
from where the evil sprang.
God save him from the dark of hell!
There is a boy aflame
ending his fancied game.
God save him from Satan’s demons!

Vi sålde våra hemman
Music: Trad. arr. Johannes Nyberg
Lyrics: Trad.

Vi sålde våra hemman och gav oss sedan ut,
som fågelen bortflyger, när sommaren tar slut.
Han kommer en gång åter när våren skrider fram,
men vi få aldrig skåda vårt kära fosterland.

Och när vi kommo till den Liverpoolska hamn
begynte ångerns tårar så stritt att bryta fram.
Det blev en hjärtans sveda i bröstet på var och en.
Man talar blott om Sverige och om sitt förra hem.

Vi packades tillsammans uti ett osunt kvav.
Det var för oss att skåda liksom en öppen grav.
Och födan som vi fraktat ifrån vår svenska jord
den blev oss nu förbjuden att taga med ombord.

Och när vi hade seglat en vecka eller två,
ett mörker däcket höljde och bredde sig därpå.
Ej se varann vi kunde, knappt andas eller gå.
Det var en gruvlig plåga för stora och för små.

Nu blir en ömklig hunger, med sorg och grät och gny.
En jämmer som sig tränger till himlens höga sky.
Och döden gruvligt härjar bland mänskorna ombord.
Man ser de döda kastas i havets vilda flod.

(All instruments played by Johannes Nyberg)

Lyrics - Northwind:


Over rivers and seas
cross valleys and heaths,
to the edge of the world and back
our journey did lead.
Father up in the sky
let the ravens fly,
to soar aside our ship of oak as
wild oceans we ride.

In the prow I stand
hungry for dry land.
A homeward hammerheart.

Northwind embrace me
as I face the horizon.
Carry me safe ashore
as you did my brethren of yore.

Through the days and nights
through triumphant fights,
we have roamed these far away lands with
no peace in sight.
Mother north of old
let me taste your cold.
Sooth my weary head with visions
that your nature holds.

We're sailing dark waters
come raven come and be our guide.
We're sons of the north star
so blow wind blow, onwards we will ride.

Waltz with the dead

Tunes of mendacity whispers
throughout the gloom, like echoes
of mystery or a lullaby of doom

An illusion of pleasure
an illusion of pain
Yield to the beauty and
soon you will waltz with the dead

Come yes you and listen to
my melody. Say can you do
another such sweet harmony

Deep in the mist you can hear him
softly playing his strings in order
to snatch your soul far away
Deep in the mist you reveal him
a naked shape of peace as he plays
you a song to lure you to stay

Such nimble fingers that play
upon the fiddle. In shadows they
linger like the darkest of riddles

Deep in the mist you can hear him,
hearken not to the sound
from upon his luring strings.
Deep in the mist you reveal him,
the fiddler of the lost and drowned
that slip you a song to sing.

Spirit of the hawk

You're a spawn of the high cliffs,
slave to the wind and son to the storm.
Born to a life on the free wings,
without chains to hold back your heart.

Sweep through the air
spy for the prey.
Feel your blood pumping
and then speed away.

Spirit of the hawk
wild and free,
master of the sky.
Creature of the
northwind's seed
flying ever so high.

Beneath a scarlet horizon,
ascending are the feathers of the wild.
Soar on you king of the welkin,
still spying down upon the ground.

Legend and the lore

Forgotten and concealed
are the tales of old.
Yet the spirits of the field
I do behold.
A mist-like shape reveals
the fiddler in his prime,
it's an act through the time.

Under the starlit sky
shadows come alive.
Chapters of laughter and a sigh,
they do revive.
The mist-like shape entwines
the legend and the lore
into a conviction unsure.

Catch the shadows

You grasped a pot of gold,
now it looks like led.
On your path of hunger
the gold lies still ahead.

At the end of the rainbow
another rainbow starts.

Try to catch the shadows
and run until you fall.
Strain your nerves to follow
the temptations of them all.

The prizes fade with time
as day fades into night.
The state of satisfaction
is a slowly dying high.

As sun descends in the sky
the hunt is on for the dawn.
Chasing tricks of the day through the night.

The scent of dawn is so sweet
but it is spoiled with each bite.
Losing pace among all of the treats.

Tower of the queen

From a dark horizon
a harlot once came,
searching for the right path
to bring her to fame.
Ignorance and falsity:
a perfect symbiosis, for a royalty

Hold on
to your throne of glass.
Let not
oblivion veil your name.
Stand strong
against the days that pass.
Fight time
your empty shell is the
pillars of your fame.

In the tower of the queen
the joker loses his stage
as she wields the banner
of vanity for the wage.

doubles fill the court.
Who's who
in this hollow masquerade.
Take heed
your reign might be short.
But wait
the crown on your head could be saved
by blood on the blade.

Long gone by

We dwell in a time of
neither night nor day.
It's like an ever-eve
of a gloaming light.
Our robes have gone grey
as we sailed to mortal shore.
The journey felt so short
to the gates of evermore.

The paths we used to tread
and the secrets we then told,
no one knows them by now
and we, we are too old.
We linger on hand in hand
through the dusk-veiled glades.
Recalling our lives
as tomorrow, it fades.

Remember the times
when we ruled, you an I.
Where our Eden lied
in an age long gone by.
Your hair
was like of a golden
shiny dye.
Now so grizzled from
an age long gone by.

Perjury and sanctity

Hold the cross up high into the sky
far above your head
in sacred decadence.
In pride and honour
you wear the crucifix
as a shield towards
the bitter consequence.

Your sins are not redeemed
by swearing perjury.
Your sense of self-esteem
has miles to go to sanctity.

See the spiteful and widening cracks
in the bricks of all their
picture perfect walls.
The hollow grins of their hypocrisy
they rock the basis until,
until it starts to fall.

Step inside with your commandments,
bring your holy book.
Show me your divinity.
To me you're just a sheep
with zippers in the back.
Your costume does not fool me

Fairyland fanfare

Far down the path of firelight dreams
in the blue-spun twilight hours.
Along the lane of winding and silk
towards the winged and sacred bowers.

Alone and aloof
in a fairyland fanfare
where the warrior child
can hide away in his lair.

Templar of the immortality
slays the beast in comfort's shelter.
Climb up the black and sulphurous hill,
and you will find caskets of silver.

Live the legend, live life all alone,
longing to linger in lore.
Illuminating a lane
that leads you aloft.
You're lost to the lunar lure.
Leave the languish,
leave lanterns of lorn.
Lend lacking lustre to lies.
Liberate the laces
of life for the lone
lest lament yet alights.

Beyond the fields of emerald green
and over the sapphire oceans.
Past ruby skies there lies your salvation:
to live out your true emotions.

Himmel så trind

Hör vindar som vill fly,
se korpen i himmel av bly.
Det är frosten som nalkas.

Var björk och lind är nu kal
i skogsråets grånande sal.
Det är frosten som nalkas.

Mot hårda tider det bär,
trollen dom huttrar och svär.
Det är frosten som nalkas.

Se tranan som nu fly
mot varmare sydliger sky.
Det är frosten som nalkas.

Över land och hav
sveper vinterns kalla vind.
Snö, is och en bister kyla
från en himmel så trind.

Se näckens fingrar så blå,
hans polska nu långsamt gå.
Det är frosten som nalkas.

Kälen nu stormsteg tar,
tur att man fjärrvärme har.
Det är frosten som nalkas.


Your wealth and your power
Both increase with every day.
Theory versus practice
as the mould spreads it's way.

Ravens fill the sky
wolves start to cry
and you shield your eyes.

Behold the throne of satin
far from where no hope is left.
No royal tidings reach it,
it's like talking to the deaf.

Blinded by gold are the knights.
In spite of all the blinders you can wear,
the rotten stench will still be there.

The castle of your glory,
embellished under your reign.
The next throne possessor
must pawn his crown for your vain.


Grasp your sword so blindly,
time is in for holy war.
In the sign of a fairy tale
you sacrifice your precious life.

Yield to the nonsense,
yield to the dogmatic scheme.
Kneel down embrace it,
indoctrination supreme.

What is your inner holy delusion?
Will stupidity be canonized?
Would the Prophet or the Messiah
then really welcome you in?

On a mission of evil
by a dreamer sanctified.
None believers shall suffer
for not believing the same lie.

Home of the knave

Once upon a time
there was a restless king in charge.
What could he contribute
to write some history?
Gold he had plenty of
but plenty could be more
so onwards he marched
on reasons quite obscure.

With a blindfold and sword,
come deliver us from evil.

Great saviour of all,
so honest and brave.
Your land of the free
is the home of the knave.

Echoes of crusaders
were heard across the world
as he fought against
the legions sent from hell.
Shadows of the templars
are yet again a fact:
creeds are cast aside
determination's still intact..

Black tarn (instrumental)

Kristallen den fina
Trad. Arr: Weinerhall

Kristallen den fina som solen månd skina,
som stjärnorna blänka i skyn.
Jag vet en flicka i dygden den fina,
en flicka i denna byn.
Min vän, min vän och älskogsblomma!
Ack, om vi kunde tillsammans komma
och jag vore vännen din
och du allra kärestan min!
Du ädela ros och förgyllande skrin.

Och om jag än fore till världenes ände,
så ropar mitt hjärta till dig.
Och om jag än fore till världenes ände,
så ropar mitt hjärta till dig,
till dig, min vän och älskogsblomma!
Ack, om vi kunde tillsammans komma
och jag vore vännen din
och du allra kärestan min!
Du ädela ros och förgyllande skrin.

Ridom, ridom
Trad. Arr: Weinerhall

Ridom, ridom, ridom över sanden,
solen sjunker bortom Arnafell.
Mörkret breder skuggor över sanden,
spöken kommer fram när det blir kväll.
Herren leder gångarn min,
ännu är det långt till gård och grind.

Räven tjuter, tjuter bakom kullen,
fåren flyr i fruktan för hans klo.
Men vem ropar, ropar utur mullen?
Bergakungen stiger ur sitt bo.
Fredlös han i lönndom går,
jagar liksom räven vilsna får.

Älvadrottning dansar över sanden.
Rid, ja rid, om livet är dig kärt.
Fly den fagra älvadrottning-handen,
ryttarna själ till fånge hon begär.
Bästa häst jag offra vill,
om jag hinner fram till Kidagil.

Liten vätte
Trad. Arr: Weinerhall

Liten vätte vitte silverglitt,
stå i åkern din och titt.
Liten vätte, sir du långt lin
som lyser i ögat ditt?
Sir du långt lin,
långt som tömmar
och segt som hår av hin?
Flickan din har blåa drömmar
och hennes hår är ljust som lin.

Liten vätte vitte silverglitt,
stå i åkern din och titt.
Sir du långt lin,
långt som tömmar
och starkt som en kanna kitt?
Flickan din har blåa ögon,
silkesduk och knollrigt hår.
Spinna, dunka, slå och väva,
får du gifta dig i år?

Geting, bi och geting eller spik,
gamle satan är du lik.
Geting, bi och geting humla,
din näsa är som en spik.
Stick i sten och stick i backe,
stick i mull men ej i hull.
Sticker du i flickans nacke
faller hon i döden kull.

Vårvindar friska

Trad. Arr: Nyberg/Weinerhall

Vårvindar friska leka och viska,
lunderna kring likt älskande par.
Strömmarna ila, finna ej vila
förr'n ner i djupet störtvågen far.
Klaga mitt hjärta, klaga o hör.
Vallhornets klang bland klipporna dör.
Strömkarlen spelar,
sorgerna delar
vakan kring berg och dal.

Hjärtat vill brista, ack när den sista
gången jag hörde kärlekens röst.
Avskedets plåga, ögonens låga.
Mun mot mun vid klappande bröst.
Fjälldalen stod i blomstrande skrud,
trasten slog drill på drill för sin brud.
Strömkarlen spelte,
sorgerna delte
suckande berg och dal.

Klaga mitt hjärta, klaga o hör.
Vallhornets klang bland klipporna dör.
Strömkarlen spelar,
sorgerna delar
vakan kring berg och dal.

Lyrics - Grime vs. Grandeur:

Emotional Skies

I will not scream out in anger
won't play this game forever.
Make up your mind or I will take control.
Why can't we end this nightmare.
If that's your way take your share,
leave this now or I will loose my mind.

I will not scream in the night.
Come join in and stand side by side.

Come take my hand, let us fly away
cross emotional skies.
(The dreams will come alive)
Follow me up through the clouds of grey
and into another day.

All people try to tell me:
"That's not the way it should be,
it's just the poison, feeding on your brain."
But in the lonesome night
they don't know the fight,
the battle that is raging inside my head.

You brought down the moon
so let your eyes light up the night.
Save me from darkness.

Purgatory Time

Cry cry, cry your eyes out.
You'll get no pity out of me.
Try try, to lie your way out.
It will not fool me you'll see.

You alone have picked the game,
There is no one else to blame.

Reality closes in
on your life filled of sin,
it's purgatory time.
It's your time to live the sum
of the acts you have done,
it's purgatory time.

No no, chance for pardon.
Don't try to plead unsound mind.
Go go, and try to bargain.
Your conscience's left far behind.

I Refuse

I can not stand your lovin'
I got to go,
go and find myself some peace.
Go bitch on someone else
I'll take no more,
no more frustration to the core.

I refuse to stand by you
and see my future life through tortured eyes.
I can not do what you want me to,
I will not try to hide myself inside.

No more interrogation.
Accusations will end,
I'll put an end to my disgrace.
Take your opinion elsewhere
and leave me be,
leave me to let me lead me free.

No more lost sleep.
No more lost love,
I'm free.
No more blames and
no more chains 'cause
I'm free.

Humanity Overdose

Live your dream and live it well.
Soon comes the night
and you will dream in hell.
Build a tower to the sky.
Take on the powers
not meant for you and I.

Can you walk on the water? NO!
Make no attempt, just turn around and go.

We are heading for the end
you found the key to immortality.
Thorns always come with the rose.
Here is what you got:
humanity overdose.

For all of, eternity
she has played this game.
From half of, a century
can you do the same?

Realize the holy Grail,
my oh my what a perfect plan.
But wait, the chalice's looking pale,
polish it up if you can.

Step into the holy land.
Watch every move
´cause damnation is at hand.
The gift of life is so divine.
But without death
life will soon decline.

The Assailant

Lonely hunter spying through the night.
Beast of pleasure, a gambler in pain.
Time after time always on the hunt
It will lead you round your grave.
You'll go down with a grunt.

You feel like a tiger, rush is in your veins.
You have to try to break these chains,
annihilation will grab onto your bone.
The assailant is you on your own.

Like a tiger closing in for a bite.
Do not see the danger that lies deep within.
Watching, waiting, ready for the play.
So beware, don't you stray.


Kick your roots, break the bonds.
When you get some, you need some more.
Our credence made you strong
while your honesty's weaker than before.

Trample down their dreams
to feed your own.
The glory of your fortune,
celebrate it alone.

You've got power power,
to devour.
Use it with sense and the glory is yours.
Hear our call of justice for all.
You've got the power in your hands.

The road to your success,
it is paved with your shameless lies.
Turn you head, see us hanging
with your lonely avaricious eyes.

When you reach the top
you will find the rainbow's gold.
Don't lose your mind
with our trust that you hold.
Do not join up
in the jesters masquerade,
don't spoil your wine
with that bitter bouquet.

No Tears for Strangers

Millions of fears are howling loud.
The tarn of tears is running out,
you reside to far away.
East and west and down below.
It's easier to let it go,
not always bothered by the truth.

Darkened sky on middle day.
Destruction there, so they can't stay.
"Sorry boys", but you're alone.
The troops of doom has left the ground.
Take the shit, fire another round.
Eat the dirt, the crap is yours.

Over foggy waters, I reach the shore.
I can't sympathize, can't sense anymore.

I'll shed no tears for strangers.
Save my crying until another day.
Maybe sorrows are coming my way.

The mill is grinding trough the gloom.
Ghastly eyes gaze at the moon.
In palest glow the dreams descend.
So in the end I'm not so bad.
Don't have the time, I don't feel sad
that's the way so let me be.

The distance between you and me:
the scale of my emotionality.
My heart ain't weak enough
to bleed for all the tragedy.
If I was to feel for one and all
I would probably crumble and fall.
My heart ain't rich enough
to suffer your reality.

The Return

Don't let your mind pollute you,
you're screwing your brain.
The end is no beginning, you must break the chain.

The voices wail
(don't do this, don't do that.)
You must not fail.
Maybe it's near
(in the dark they remind.)
Dream dreams in fear,
please wake up.

Not on your own,
you still have time to see what you can discover.
We all long for your return.

Don't let the drugs abuse you,
you must take control.
The circle keeps on spinning, endless like a roll.

Jack the Knife

I'm a grim and lonesome wanderer.
I walk you through the night.
Lurking in the shadows, waiting for a bite.
You don't know who I am,
but I'm nasty and obscene.
I'll take you life cut your throat,
fulfilling all my dreams.

You're never safe when you're alone
and you won't feel a thing
when I loot your body.
Digging in the grime.

I fool you first with candy,
I trick you to bone.
Make you feel safe and sound,
not grasp you're on your own.
My work is swift you feel no pain,
you won't understand.
My blade is sharp your thorax's mine,
your heart is in my hand

Do you know me now?
I'm Jack the Ripper
Do you know me now?
I'm Jack the knife.

So young and sweet but not innocent,
consuming every man.
You can't be missed, I'll take my chance.
Yes, I'll be damned.
No one knows my identity
but I'm a legend of my time
and I'm feared for what I've done
this little game of mine.

Child of the Wild

Gaze into nature's eyes
is there spite, is there greed?
Face your fellow man,
realize he's of evil breed.
We ought to be afraid of ourselves.

You must not live in fear
for the child of the wild.
Look around, do you see
the beast in you and me?

Take a step into the wild,
horrific creatures will hide.
You're the terror well disguised,
you're the fear that locks itself inside.
We ought to be afraid of ourselves.

Embrace the untamed
see the grandeur under the grime.
Feel a rising peace
by a wind from deep seas.

Surrounded by a big crowd:
you feel secure in the night.
Black waters and dark woods:
and you tremble by fright.
We ought to be afraid of ourselves.

Wake Up (Digipack-bonus)

"The ring upon your finger doesn't mean a thing?
Now when you are drunk you can be the king"

"You went out of line now pay the price my friend.
Rouse up in this charade, for how long can you pretend."

The Sandman returns you to reality.
Lose your sin in slumber, then you will…..

Wake up with the demons.
You can neither run nor hide.
Can't get rid of the demons.
Ripping your soul apart,
breaking you down from inside.

"Out there in the nightlife you shine my Neon Knight.
All the lucky ladies they wait for you to excite."

"Is this the woman? Was that all you could do?
I don't believe this. Shame on you!"

Rock 'n' Roll Devil (Japan-bonus)

Just this one time and then nothing more.
It's all so harmless, nothing like before.
If it wants my interest I even out the score.
Just this time baby.

It's the Rock 'n' Roll devil
he's calling out my name.
It's the Rock 'n' Roll devil,
in his body there is no shame.

The little Rock 'n' Roll devil,
can you hear him calling for you.
It's the Rock 'n' Roll devil,
he makes me feel so blue.

Needing the fix I can't get out.
If I don't get it my full body starts to shout.
I'm a sucker for this game.
This shit has become something I can't live without.

Lyrics - Sceptre of Deception:

The Coronation

Blow your trumpets, let the feast begin.
Sing for us minstrels tonight.
Let the coronation shimmer and shine
in the golden sun so bright.

In a velvet mantle he takes the oath:
Birger :
-I will protect and serve my homeland
in the name of our lord.
Stand by me and we will prevail.
The crowd:

Remember the words of the old and wise
about what's wrong and what's right.
Do you know greed's face, the tongue of the snake
or the shades of black and white?

Receive the crown
and wear it with pride.
With it comes more than just the glory and gold.
Embrace the task
to stand by our side.
Fight for our freedom with the powers you now hold.

The Trail of Flames

Soaked in the silver rain
they rode through the woods.
Crossed the mountains
and crossed the rivers so deep.
They came at dawn
with fire and steel,
left at dusk, a trail of flames.

Reach up high to touch the sky,
brothers in arms side by side.
In defiance we unite
for the glory and victory
and for the times soon to be.

Erik and Valdemar:
The trail of flames will be our harbinger.
Let the fire mark our words.
The trail of flames
our messenger on black wings,
let our answer be heard.

Ride on for me my friends
and fear no more.
Ride for freedom
and ride for the truth.
We'll come at dawn again
with fire and steel
leaving nothing but ashes behind.

Although we're bonded by blood
we're divided by the Lord's pride.
Dishonouring we will not stand
nor will God who stands by our side.

Under the Sword

They burst through the gates
with swords in hand they made their way
cross the hall of the high lord.

-As long as that man lives
peace will never propagate
between me and my brothers here
so yield yourself to your fate!

The king stood still in the back,
grey in face and without will
not knowing wrong from right.

-You have brought shame and disgrace
to soil your fathers' name
and heaven will not easily
forget the game you've played.

The limbs of the lord was chained,
he was bound to a horse then they rode away
through a cold winter storm.
Travelling night and day
through a kingdom of snow
and finally arriving at
the castle of his foes.

He was shackled to the wall,
in the tower high above the ground
he was kept like a common thief.
And meanwhile the brothers three
feasted into the night
and toasted time after time
until the morning light.

He was sentenced to death by the blade.
In the name of high treason
he died under the sword.

-We have harvested the crops
of the evil seed
that grew between you and me
but now united we'll lead!

Night of Infamy


Step inside and join us tonight.
Don't stand in the cold like strangers.

Thank you brother, we kindly accept.
Let us feast tonight to the grace of God

The night continued in a high mood
but when all had went to bed
a darker temper started to intrude.
The royal pair, surprised!


This night of infamy
I will never forget
nor will my brothers,
the vengeance I'll get.
I'll leave you restless,
I'll leave you blind
until one night:
A stab from behind.


Although my eyes beheld cheap
I should not have mistaken the wolves' scent.

Their souls awaits nocturnal domains
their sweet taste of victory is only lent.

Birger and Märta:

Locked behind steel and stone,
locked away by infamy.
Listening to my reflections of life.
Starving us to skin and bone,
leaving us to agony.
Seeing signs too late of their strife.


Now we are the ones to rule
the kingdom like it should,
as finally the credulous fool
is set aside for all of time.

Hooves Over Northland

From the western realm they marched
Through thunder, storm and rain
On a mission to quell the snakes.

King Haakon:
-You will search every hole
And turn every stick and stone.
Bring them out to light.

The hooves were pounding over the northland
While the battle cries rise high,
Shaking up the distant skies.
The reaper had them close at hand
Not losing them out of sight
From early morning until the night.

From the southern realm they marched
To gaze into their eyes
Illuminate all the lies

King Menved:
-No mercy will be shown
To stop their reckless minds
Burn them out and make them blind

King Haakon:

-Pace onward you boldest of men
Our time will come when we reach the end
We will descend

King Menved:

-In the mist of the twilight tonight
When the sky is clear and the stars shine bright
Their land we'll smite.

Pledge for Freedom


- I hope the future guides you well
Through archways paved in gold.
I hope tomorrow leads you right.
(To the gates of heaven!!)
Count on me to stand by your side
in storms as well as sunshine.
Count on me to hail your name.
(As you see the bright light!!)

Drop the crown onto my head,
I'll mourn your death with
tears that needs to be shed.

Fall down and bow your heads for me
I am the king you all sought me, to be
To pledge you freedom

There are no dark clouds in the sky
So trouble not your mind.
There is no reason to rise.
(Keep your great halls heated!!)

I hope the future guides you well
through archways paved in gold.
I hope tomorrow leads you right.
(To the gates of heaven!!)

Drop the crown onto my head,
I'll mourn your death with
tears that wants to be shed.

Fall down and bow your heads for me
I am the king you all sought me, to be
To pledge you freedom

No more lies, deceits or malice
Will haunt this family again
Linger on to life, and confirm you shelter
Mark my words, I tell you the truth


The Queen:

-There you finally are, sister of the winds
And mother of my future deeds.
I'm in a battle I yet can't win,
So help me and tell me what you need.

The Witch:

-Let's hear what burdens your royal heart bears,
Is it a burden of love or of hate?
Tell me what obstacle lies in your way
And I'll see what can be done to fate.

The Queen:

-Twice they count, the unfaithful.
The infidels of the crown.
The dark one's pretenders
Trying to bring us down.

So let your magic be unleashed
And dispose of the false serpents of the night.

The Witch:
–Poorly my powers will bite, I can not harm royal blood.
I am not able to assist you in your fight.

The Queen:

–Witch, be gone then out of my sight
And take your feeble pitiable tricks and hide.

The Witch:
–I shall be gone soon, though I give you one advice:
Take the highest caution your wisdom can provide.

The Sceptre of Deception


-It is with joy that I greet you.
Come inside, taste what is served for you.
Food does not lack, neither do wine.

Action or fate,
let's stir the mighty cauldron.
Love versus hate
by the sceptre of deception.


-Toast for you
and your glorious kingdom,
the home of heroes since early days.
Toast for us
and the newborn friendship.
It will now lead us on our way.

When the night became morning
the fire was no more, just reddest glow.
Down from the stairs the guards did descend.


-Storming in upon us in the night,
what is this supposed to be.
Give me my sword and I'll...

-Our swords are useless here and now
so give up this pointless fight.
Doomed is our luck tonight.


-Ease this burden for I can not bare it,
when dark shadows upon my soul play.
Can't look into the future
as my eyes cannot see the light of day.


-Maybe you remember the game you played
me and my queen years ago?
Now it's my time to play!


-Who is laughing so evil?
It's the queen behind the walls of greed!
What cruel deed has she now done?

Hear me Pray


-Fly away my homeward mind,
out from darkness and touch the sky.
Chained and restless
yet flying high,
on wings of joy leaving my
fate behind.

I feel the silence,
I feel the dawn
coming closer for every
breath I take.
I hear my maker
calling my name all day
so God, hear me pray.

-Please forgive us for our sins,
let not eternity yet begin.
Lost and broken
for the things we've done.
Longing to be caressed
by morning's sun.

Oh, please wait with paradise.
We are but fools in this
castle of ice.

Child of Innocence

Hold the sceptre to the sky,
hold it high to be cleansed.
Climb the ancient stone,
you child of innocence.

Take the sceptre
you who didn't crave it,
reach to the heaven
and let it be blessed.
Cherish the throne
of blood with your purity.
Crowned by us,
estates in unity.

We chose the boy to be king,
there is no blood in his crown.

Remember the past
and bear it inside.
Witness the end
of the deceiving ride.

Lyrics - Chapters From a Vale Forlorn

Decadence Of Dignity

When profit shows his face
our sense of clarity is washed away.
Spinning round the axle of greed,
don't let the economy stagnate
for it's our creed.

I turn my head away in shame
as you crave for more,
calling out what is not yours to sell.
We're the pimps of it all.

Living in the decadence of our dignity.
When silver waves his hand,
we kneel so eagerly.
Living in the decadence of our dignity.
Where man will take command
we'll sail astray in greed.

Come into my booth and trade.
What about the exclusive bargain
for the day?
I can satisfy all your needs.
Sell your future and you will profit today,
do your deeds.

Enter The Glade

Listen to me children
and I will fill your ears
with all the sweet things
you love to hear.
If you are scared of death,
here's eternal life.
If you're down and all alone,
I'll show you a paradise, for you to rejoice.
I'm your wishing well, I'm your only choice.

Enter the glade that I create,
I'll lead you through all sorrows.
Follow the path towards your fate
and I will be your guide.

Bring me all your treasures,
I'll grant you my love.
Buy yourself a dream
or a chance to redeem.
If you look hard
you'll see me in the sky,
reaching out with loving hands
showing you the light, that now is for sale.
Don't you hesitate, but buy yourself a Grail.

Kneel in front of the man who was sent by god,
show your great respect for the chosen one.
Here you have the ticket to immortality,
just how much will you pay for ecstasy?

Lament Of A Minstrel

For the moon and the sun
and for the winds I've sung,
hear how the lovely tones dance
upon my tongue.
I've gazed upon the Orion
for oh so many nights,
astounded by the beauty of the dark
and sparkling sky.

I'm a lonely minstrel,
a traveller on a road to nowhere
I sing a song to lighten the day
so come along as I walk away.

The lute's the only the friend
I've got by my side,
who's shared by moments
as I laughed and cried.
I comfort my heart
with a jar of wine,
in the memory of love that once was mine.

For Life And Liberty

The four hooves echo in the night.
Pictures of deepest fear reflect in your eyes,
like a fire in your soul.
Burst through the forest of the wild.
The full moon beholds from its starlit sky,
this journey without goal.

The hunt twists and turns,
winding through the dark.
The flame of intensity burns
higher and higher and higher.

The hooves are pounding in the dark,
splitting the silence of the night.
Do you smell the cruel desire?
Your paws are pounding with your heart,
pounding for life and liberty
as the steam is rising higher.

Inside the forest oh so deep,
the creatures of the night watch intensively
this hunt that flashes them by.
Will you escape or will you bleed?
The hunter's at your tail, he calls for victory
with hunger in his eyes.

As the welkin embraces his stars
to a shimmering nightly play,
the arch-enemy of man
is once more prey.

We Sold Our Homesteads

We sold our homesteads and started on our way
just like the birds will fly when autumn is here to stay.
One day they will return, come spring again that's when.
But we will never see our native country again.

At first we travelled through the English countryside
on tracks and on wagons as quickly as birds would fly.
It was a lovely sight to see the land at last
but all the glorious sights kept flashing by too fast.

And later when we came to Liverpuddlian bay
the tears of regret finally started to have their say.
The hearts then started burning in each and everyone
we only talked of Sweden that used to be our home.

We all were packed together in one unhealthy cave
it was as if we'd stepped into an open grave.
The food that we had brought from blessed Swedish land
was suddenly forbidden and taken from our hand.

And when we had been sailing for just a week or two
a horrid kind of darkness was clouding our view.
We couldn't see each other and hardly breathe or walk
it was a gruesome anguish for all people aboard.

The air was filled with hunger and drenched in wretched cries,
the howling and the noises would pierce right through the skies
and death became the ruler that forces us to our knees.
The dead were buried in the horrid fathom of the seas.

The Clarion Call

All our visions of sweet tomorrow
is cracking and fading away.
Hopes of glory are drowned in sorrow
this dissension expels us to yesterday.

Lead your troops into your lust of pride
they'll fight so brave at heart.
Or cast the yoke of envy aside
and keep the land from falling apart.

Do you hear the clarion call,
it's calling out to one and all.
Who will live and who will fall,
who will walk the golden hall.
Do you hear the clarion call,
it's calling out to one and all.
Who is right and who is wrong,
whose side is god really on.

What are the alliances and treaties for
as pretenders yet look to the sky.
All the trumpets will sound once more
and victory will be given another try.

Do you hear the clarion call,
it's calling out to one and all.
Our blood must be spilled
so the nobles' visions can be fulfilled.

The night harvests our land
while the dissidents reach for their dreams.
The nations' split by false hands
while their prize slowly vaporize
into a steam that escape their eyes.
A fool is he who cannot foresee,
hell is what this, our land will be.
Yes hell what is this, our land will be.

Do you hear the clarion call,
it's calling out to one and all.
Which side will finally prevail,
while the other side will fail.

How many pretenders can we endure?
The land is bleeding, so not many more.
Who may better the royal sceptre sway?
Questions, questions,
you'll see at the end of the day.

Portals Of Light

I sit here by your side
and weep you goodbye,
I'm singing songs of sorrow for you
true gentle rose of mine.
Upon my arm I've tied a ribbon in black
although I know too well that this
will not ever bring you back.

I feel so astray inside
as I know you're far away.
Let my love shine and be your guide
on your way towards the portals of light.

A lonely candle burns for you my only love,
meanwhile you roam the clouds among
heaven's angels high above.
What is there left to live for
as you've gone away?
Hope's lost forevermore,
I'll mourn you 'till the end of days.

Hear, my love,
hear my cry of deepest grief
as I weep for you eternally.
Praying for your soul
and for light and for relief
as I shed your tears of misery.

Stand In Veneration

Look in consternation as storms tear up the sea,
raging down upon us with greatest might.
Gathering the power from above the clouds,
blackening the sun away from sight.

Gaze in frustration as ground becomes a void,
forcing you towards the jaws of sand.
Your power is now shaken to its foundation,
across every acre of your land.

Fall to the ground after climbing so high,
fall to your knees and yield for the sky.
As the primordial powers unveil,
from beyond time, nature prevails.
You can only stand in veneration.

Stare in astonishment as earth spits
out its core,
covering your land in a burning wave.
Run for cover if you can
and save what can be saved,
or the wave will become your grave.

Behold in amazement, inferiously you stand.
The air becomes a fire right before your eyes.
The sparkling flame of envy is setting you alight,
as mother nature cracks the sky.

Busted To The Floor

There are too many stones
and life is just made of glass.
Mark the words of the fool
he will tell you the truth, oh so cruel.

You say and I will believe
although I stumble and fall.
Deceived by my own eyes.
Trust is a gamble with pain, roll the dice!

Give my your confidence
and I'll lock the door.
Offer me the same
and I'll be busted to the floor.

Take a walk upon the ice
or ride the light of day.
Dance with flames of fire,
you will burn with the words, of the liar.

Lyrics - Falconer

Upon The Grave Of Guilt

Deep inside the black and winding mazes
I'm running from my ghouls,
My own thoughts are replaced by
the hidden faces deep from my soul.
Longing to see time rolling by
to case the thoughts of regret
My bad conscience tears me apart,
how will I ever forget

Dark recollections
gnaw my inside
I've tried to run
and I've tried to hide

Reaching the barrow
of my memories
to lay the final stone upon the grave
Searching inner kingdoms
for control
to put the lid of oblivion
upon the grave of guilt

As I look into the mirror
I do not see my face
Two lying hollow eyes is staring back
with the look of shame and disgrace
My past is darkening my futureas my present dies
Every morning is a step towardsy
the edge of my soul's demise

Yesterday's demonsis like a plague to my mind
that never seems to cure
Imprisoning me tow
hat I left behindletting my conscience
unchaine no more

Heresy In Disguise

Behind the dark walls
dark secrets hide in the shadows
An coil presence
in the fortress of light
Darkness is falling
as the spirit of god slips away
You're a sinner by night
and a holy saint by day

In the sacred corridors evil is set free,
lurking among the shadows of the monastery
Heresy in Disguise
Heresy in Disguise

His eyes glow like fire
as he turns the ancient pages
Discovering mysteries
not revealed in many ages
Brother William, brother of sin
What do you do as the sun descends?
Beware of what you might see
as you open the door
to the beast

Wings Of Serenity

Oh, you graceful eagle
that soar in the air,
how I enjoy your chainless life
You are calling from your sky
living under the sun,
just riding the winds up high.

Your cliff is your castle,
you're nature's truly royal,
aking in brown and grey,
Look down on the foolish man
competing with time,
chasing his precious day

You're flying on winds of serenity
into the blinding light.
You're the majesty of freedom
living life at its height
You're flying on wings of serenity
you're soaring above the ground
You are the majesty of freedom
tranquillity is your crown

Oh, please let me follow you
on your journey to the clouds
Take me up on your wide wings
and show me your world
We will cross the skies
new horizons we'll see,
cross the slumbering landscapes
and disappearing into the dawn

A Quest For The Crown

Many men are sent on a quest
for the crown
searching all corners of the great land.
The minstrel tries to sing as before
but the jester he laughs no more
Many men are sent on a mission of hope
asking fortune-tellers and the wise men
where the royal crown is to be found,
promising rewards in silver, gold and pounds

When the kind returns from the crusades
there is no big welcome on the shore.
As he hear the new of the missing crown
he shouts at the sky:
"have I ever let you down?"
The elderly call it a sign as famine
strikes the land
caught in the grip
of the reapers cold hand

The mission must succeed
or the kingdom will fall
with it falls the future if us all,
No crystal-ball mange to find
guidance in their holy quest.
God is the last hope for our nation
of earth, stone and damnation.

Many years had past since the kind died
when one day a young boy looked down
into the moat.
Something was gleaming deep down,
what could it be ..........
if not the kings crown.


I travel over high mountains
through deep valleys and forests
Crossing great rivers
in search of knowledge of the gods
from far beyond place and time
I hear a whispering wind,
it tells me to strive on
through the horizon of my thoughts

I am the mindtraveller
my quest is man's destiny
Teach me secret holy spells
and the wisdom of the elderly
Gazing into my mind
entering my soul.
Is there not a secret to unfold.
(Here I have advices to be told)

I am the mindtraveller
seeking wisdom of yore
I am the mindexplorer
striving to know so much more
Spirits of history fill my soul
with divine old words
I am on the right track
out of the haze I'll emerge

I reach unknown croners
in the back of my mind
Never been here before
still I recognise it all.
I hear the whispering voices
clearly all around me,
echoing in the valley
where magic intellect dwells

Finally I can see the blind
not knowing why they exists,
I hear laments of nature,
where led the path we missed?

Entering Eternity

Riding through the echoes of the past
while the hooves pound the ground
Looking through the mist of the night
in the dim and covering light of the moon

Pale cold moon be my guide
through this forest of the dawn
Enchanted wolves lead the way
to the land of infinity and destiny

I am entering eternity
unfolding a new day
My future waits for me
to take me far away
I am opening realities
never known before.

Here will my soul fly free

New dimensions open for me
as I reach my final horizon
Entering the world of the spirits
dwelling in the shadowside
of the living world

I'll be the soul of the wild hawk,
the whispering in the blowing wind
or at the misty glade
I'll be the beast as the hunting wolf
or the prey as the hunted hind
I'll be riding rays of light
or lurking in the night's shade.

Royal Galley

By the rail he stands
on black waves he rides
The tomorrow belongs to him
and the queen by his side
Do not fear the storm
master the oaken galley
and be brave at heart
for your king and country

Turn the prow towards the storm

for it's too late to turn back

Royal galley under the sky
Ooooh ooooh
Breaking waves oh, so high
Ooooh ooooh

The ship is swaying
great white sails are torn
"Work harder faithful crew,
or you'll do nothing more."
The firm hand of doom
makes the ship heal.
Rocking out of control
bending up its keel
The impsing galley twists and turns
struggling in the wild waves

Royal galley sailing no more
Ooooh ooooh
The ship is doomed forevermore
Ooooh ooooh

Panic and agony hands in the cold air
as we're heading towards our destiny
The figurehead is going down towards the black end
never to be seen again crossing the seven seas
Clashing waves are our tragic requiem
since the maiden voyage was the last to be

The golden flagship of the fleet
is heading for its deepest grave

Royal galley lost at sea
Ooooh ooooh
Down in the deep, resint in peace
Ooooh ooooh

Substitutional World

You stared too long into the sun
forgot the rest of the sky
Don't let the gambler lead you astray
the truth is slipping further away
Take a good look up to the sky
and tell me what do you see
Isn't there a sun amongst the clouds?
Then where else could it be?

Substitutional world
has become their home for all time,
they will never taste the real
They live in a cage
restricted by their own hands
they will never feel free

Have you ever been dazzled
by the bright morninglight?
Have you ever heard the birds sing
have you ever tasted the gifts
of mother earth?
You've burnt all your precious wings
as you had to touch the sun
The ashes in your breath
is the bitter taste of what you've done

The higher your luckystar rises
the deeper you will fall
Who are you to impersonate god
who are you to know it all?
As soon as you see tomorrow dawn
the future unfolds before your eyes
It's but a sweet dream you dreamed
it's a nightmare of the world's demise

Lord Of The Blacksmiths

Where the winds sing
the laments of times long gone
Where the elves dance
their dances of solitude
Hearken to the mountain
can you hear the echoes
of the hammer's beat
from deep within the shadows?

The lord of the blacksmiths
keeps forging on
through the endless time
Master of the anvil
allys the metals
with an essence of magic

With wisdom and sorcery
from the beginning of time
magnificent works are forged
for gods and for mighty kings
Uncrushable shields
powerbelts and magic rings
Swords that never miss
sceptres and crowns and other things

There is a holy presence
in his hidden existence
Listen to the hymn
it sings in the galleries
Powerful runes he carves
into the shining steel
to have protection
from the powers of mystery

The Past Still Lives On

Here I walk
on pathways so old,
travellers of yesterday I still behold
Hearken to the waves
caressing the shore
oh how much land have they seen before

Oh, mountain great
how much you must know
so tell me stories from ages ago
Oh, vast sea
whom ships sailed upon,
why did they sail and where are they gone?

Behold the traces of history
open your eyes and you'll see
that all across the land lies
secrets to be revealed
The past still lives on

Lost mariners
who still sail the sears
who were your children you no more would see?
Earth, wind and water
and burning sun,
bring me back to when we lived as one

Per Tyrssons Döttrar i Vänge
The Ballad of Per Tysson's daughters in Vänge
(Lyrics: Tradititional , Translation: Mathias Blad)

Per Tyrsson's daughters in Vänge
Oh how chilly their woods
They were fast asleep a long time ago
Whilst the woods burst into leaf

The youngest was the first one to awake
She soon awoke the others

They sat themselves down upon their beds
and plaited the hair on each other's heads

Then they dressed in clothes of silk
and made their way to church

When they came to Vänga hill
they met three robbers who held them still

"Pray, would you care to become robbers' wives?
Or would you rather lose your lives?"

"We would not care to become robbers' wives.
We would much rather lose our lives."

They chopped their heads off on birch-wood stem
and soon three wells sprung forth by them

The bodies were dug down in muddy ground,
the clothes they carried to Vänga town.
As they arrived in Vänga farm

Fru Karin came to greet them.
"Say, would you care to buy clothes of silk
that nine maidens have knitted and crotcheted?"

"Open your bundles and let me see
maybe I know them, all three."

Fru Karin quivers as never before
and runs to Per Tyrsson who stands by the door

"There are three robbers outside our farm
they've gotten rid of our daughters"

Per Tyrsson grabs his sword and then
he runs to slay the two older men.

He asked the third one before he stroke
"Who is your father and mother?"

"Our father Per Tyrsson in Vänge,
our mother Fru Karin in Skränge."

Per Tyrsson went to the smithy
and forged himself iron round his waist.

"What shall our retribution be?"
"We'll build a church out of stone and lime."

"Kärna Church shall be its name"
Oh how chilly their woods
"Oh, how willingly we will build it ."
Whilst the woods burst into leaf